Thursday, 2 July 2009

Foundation stone to be laid on July 31

All our Facebook followers will recently have received an invitation to the laying of the foundation stone for the hospital on July 31st in India. I know that our European followers are unlikely to be able to attend, but we will be covering this on the blog, and both my son - Hamish - and I are travelling out from the UK to be there, so for those of you who know either one of us (or in many cases, both), you may want to keep an eye on Facebook around that date!

Please don't think that we are being idle in between updates. Deepak is incredibly hard at work in Rajasthan making all the necessary arrangements for work to begin on building, including the supply of water and electricity to the plot. Meanwhile, Hamish and I are busy fund-raising in the UK and I have also been in the US recently, doing the same.

We are making progress on all fronts, and although this has been somewhat hampered in the UK this last week by temperatures reminiscent of Rajasthan, we are really pleased to see that the numbers of fans are increasing all over the world. And of course, we are grateful for your support, because we believe that if people are actively engaged in this project - by following - that it will create a lot of positive energy for the future.

If any of you have thoughts or ideas to help us with our fund-raising, we would be extremely grateful. But in the meantime, best wishes from all of us and we will keep posting you on our progress.

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