Sunday, 25 October 2009

You've had the plans .... now look at this!!

Just a few days ago we posted news about water and electricity, but now building work has really begun!! Deepak just sent these pictures from India and we will be posting as often as we can now to show you how work is progressing. I know how fast projects progress in India, and think you will all be amazed at what you see in the next few weeks, so PLEASE log in regularly and do tell your friends about The Raven Foundation.
At this rate we'll be up and running early in 2010 - if any of you are planning to visit India on your gap year, we'd be really pleased to see you in Udaipur - and with tourist season just beginning, any of our fans are welcome to visit if in the area. Please contact us and let us know your plans and we can show you the site.

Hope you'll log in regularly because each day will bring change for the Foundation.... so watch this space.
Best wishes to you all,

Deepak and Charlotte


  1. Charlotte, very nice, I'm really inspired....please keep it up :)

  2. Great news I look forward to following this project.

  3. Raven Foundation is doing a great spreading the word.
    God bless you all for the effort and time invested in this project.