Sunday, 31 May 2009

The beginning....

Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end, but this story is just beginning, and I hope that as more of you follow it, we will begin to progress to the middle.  At the moment, the end is a long way off, but with hope, hard work and determination, we will eventually reach the end!

This story starts a while back, but I won't bore you with all those details - it is the recent history that matters.  In November last year I travelled to India with my husband.  He had never been before and we had a wonderful trip touring Rajasthan, visiting many of the places that I had been to when I was younger and working in India, and some places that were new to both of us. But ten days into our trip, my husband became unwell and was admitted to a hospital in Udaipur, where he was looked after by Dr Deepak Babel - a truly caring and committed doctor, who not only saved his life, but has since become a friend, along with the rest of his family.

It was because of Dr Babel that my husband recovered and we were able to return home to England so that his treatment could be continued there.  Six months later my husband is well again, but our involvement with India, and Udaipur in particular, has led to The Raven Foundation - a charity that will eventually build and operate a hospital outside the city for the village people who are unable to access medical help.

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  1. The healthcare system in India is out of pocket system and this means you pay for your treatment and this has led to pathetic situation especially in rural india where people do not have money to eat and drink,forget about healthcare.
    I am a medical doctor and seeing all this past 15 years that people die just because of lack of medical facilities especially in rural areas due to communicable and infective diseases and when they are unable to pay a lot of superstitious beliefs starts popping up.
    we need to do a lot and perhaps if everyone does a little to help these people it will become huge in time to come and I request you all to come and join hands in this humanitorian project and help those people who are deprived of basic medical facilities after all we human beings are the only ones who are going to help other humans