Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Too long since we last posted!! Part 1

Hamish, Deepak and Alex at the proposed hospital site near Udaipur

Apologies to all our followers for the time that's elapsed since our last post! We were all so busy in India that it was hard to find time to upload photographs and I hope you'll forgive us. But our trip was a great success and after the laying of the foundation stone, Deepak and I were joined in Delhi by my son, Hamish and his juggling friend from Brighton, Alex. Both are on Facebook and for those of you who know them, you'll be able to see their photographs on their home pages.

Hamish arrived from Nepal just two days after the puja and Alex arrived from London the same evening, so I spent most of my day at Delhi Airport - waiting for them, but both arrived safely and since we were staying with our wonderful friends, Martin and Annie Howard at Tikli Bottom (definitely the place to stay when in Delhi - you won't find anywhere better!), I was able to relax there in between the rigours of meeting flights at Indira Gandhi Airport. After a couple of days at Tikli, we left for the Taj - a must for all first-time visitors to this part of India.

It was hot and dusty and filled with tourists, but still a great sight to behold! The boys were completely aghast when they saw the white marble. And here we are - Hamish and me (left) at Agra, but we couldn't stop for long and the next stop was Jaipur. Another wonderful city in the Golden Triangle where we took in all the sights including City Palace, Amber Fort, Jantar Mantar, the markets, the Lake Palace and the boys rode elephants, camels, rickshaws and shopped!

With so many of you away on holiday right now I am going to split the trip into several posts, and for the moment I will leave you with these images from the beginning of our travels together. As I mentioned earlier, those of you on Facebook will have already seen many pictures of Hamish and Alex ... but watch this space ... there are many more pictures to come and just wait till you hear about their juggling!!


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  2. Am glad to meet you Charlotte, hello. I am the one who saw your blog on plants asking for the ID of Wisteria sp. Thank you so much for that lead and this one.

    I wish you success in this Raven Foundation. You seem to be a very energetic, generous and wonderfully blessed person, with a lot of work to do and still can find time blogging as a hobby. More power and health wishes for you.