Friday, 25 September 2009

A new day and building begins!

We haven't posted for a few weeks, but after a flying visit to the UK, Deepak returned home to India to sort out final details before construction could begin on the hospital. Just three more weeks have gone by and work has begun. This is a memorable week for The Raven Foundation and the part of the project that we have all been waiting for.

We couldn't begin work earlier because of the monsoon rains, but now the plans are finalised, the rains have stopped and construction has commenced. I would like to put the plans here on the blog, but because I am currently in the US fundraising, I don't have the facility to scan them.
When I return to England next week, I will be able to show you how the hospital will look.

Do check in again soon, because we will now be posting on a regular basis and thank you all for your continuing support.

Charlotte and Deepak


  1. What a commendable project you've undertaken, Charlotte! I wish you and the Foundation all the luck in the world.

  2. Hi Charlotte, I wish The Raven Foundation success in this venture. I'd love to follow your/the Foundation's progress. It's also nice to see our own country through the eyes of someone from foreign shores.

  3. Hi Charlotte, Thanks for joining Wildbytes from India. Glad to link up with Raven Foundation. I sure believe that all those engaged in working with the environment and its myriad life forms need to pull together. That will sure motivate more and more netizens to get involved. Here is wishing the Raven Foundation godspeed in realising its dreams

  4. I must compliment you on the noble act you are trying to accomplish. I ventured across your blog while surfing the net, and was pleasantly surprised to read about the Hospital you people are bringing up near Udaipur.
    I am already very excited and curious to see how it will look.
    Wish you all best of luck!

  5. Charlotte, you are a true inspiration to all of us... Indeed!!! Wish you all the best!! And do post a note on how we could turn around and help!