Saturday, 10 April 2010

First major seminar for Raven Foundation

Childhood illness - and cancer, in particular - is an emotive area, yet it is a real problem in rural India and a major cause of death in village communities in Rajasthan, where there are currently few facilities for diagnosis or treatment.

As part of our commitment to providing treatment to rural communities The Raven Foundation will be offering specialist services in this field, since treatments are becoming more available and accessible in India.

Both Deepak and Charlotte realize that part of the commitment to the community that they will be serving is to provide support and health education to local people, so that issues such as childhood cancer can be addressed early enough to facilitate treatment, and hopefully, cure.

Deepak is already engaged in looking at specialist areas where The Raven Foundation can make a difference and as he says: “The advancement in this field (childhood cancer) includes early diagnosis by investigation and availability of new and effective drugs, bone marrow/stem cell transplants and regular blood transfusions.”

He adds: “We have already been talking to specialist Oncologists and surgeons in this field and they are ready to provide their services for this noble cause. And, the blood banks/pharmaceutical companies are ready to provide blood/drugs at cheaper price.”

We will be hosting our first specialist seminar for The Raven Foundation on this issue – Childhood Cancer and Effective Treatment Strategy - on 18th April, when Charlotte will have arrived from overseas. And we look forward to welcoming doctors and specialists from the local community.

We also welcome feedback from our followers and fans on this emotive subject, but would like to stress that our basic aims and objectives remain the same:

· T *To promote the concept: better health means greater security and wealth

· T *To teach the concept: “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”

· T *To educate the village people of Rajasthan about the importance of nutrition and diet in relation to health matters

· T**To conduct health camps in the villages

· T**To promote the status of women’s health care

· T*To provide an understanding of the importance of good health for existing and future generations

· T**To educate villagers in the importance of nutrition and diet in relation to health matters


  1. Dear Charlotte

    I came across this blog accidentally, but quickly became interested. And the reason is my interest in childhood cancer in India. As you were writing your blog yesterday, I was putting down my thoughts (

    I wish you all the best in your project and will follow it with keen interest.


  2. It is a wonderful thing you are doing. Good Luck and I am sure there are many who will be watching and supporting. The world needs more people like you.