Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Update from Udaipur ....

It's been a hot (40-45C!!) and busy week since I arrived in Udaipur! I was lucky enough to beat the cloud of volcanic ash out of Heathrow by just a couple of hours and arrived in India early on Thursday morning. Deepak and I have been to the site, and work is progressing well (above).
We hosted our first major conference: "Advances in Treatment of Thalassemia" on Sunday, 18th April, with some impressive guest speakers and a full audience of paediatric specialists, so will be providing a full report on that shortly. In the meantime, I am just leaving to look at tiles for the interior of Deesha Hospital ... an indication that we really are progressing well!


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  1. Charlotte,
    Tiles! Progress and an aesthetic pursuit, although I expect they must be required to have a very easy to clean surface and be high-fired so they're not absorbent. Still, I picture a lovely display to choose from. Wonder if it will be so?